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Special Metal Alloys Experience

Special Metal Alloys staff are highly experienced in the specialist Nickel Alloys and Stainless-Steels global markets, serving the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • High Performance Instrumentation
  • Defence
  • Medical
  • Nuclear

This wealth of expertise enables us to ensure that all our customers’ Commercial, Technical and Financial enquiries are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Our project team have extensive experience in supplying to the strict requirements of large projects in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries and regularly supply EPC contractors worldwide.

Special Metal Alloys Quality

The materials within our scope of supply operate in the most aggressive and high-risk areas of industrial processing, therefore our supply range is manufactured by the world’s leading producers in the field of heat and corrosion resistant materials which ensures continuity of supply and guarantees quality. We therefore ensure that the materials we supply will meet the highest level of integrity.

Special Metal Alloys Customer Service

We offer all of our products shipped to any part of the globe, working in partnership with our tried and tested logistic partners, who will handle all export/ import documentation or Ex- mill terms are acceptable.

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