Specialist Steel Suppliers 

Finding trusted global special metal and steel suppliers

Special Metal Alloys are specialist steel suppliers providing vital materials to contractors worldwide.

We have built up an incomparable worldwide network of mill agencies, alloy and steel manufacturers, and logistics partners to provide specialist nickel alloys and stainless steels that can safely and effectively operate in the most aggressive and high-risk environments.

We serve contractors anywhere in the world, with unrivalled expertise in the oil and gas, defence, medical, nuclear, and high-performance instrumentation industries.

For expert advice, please contact one of our metal specialists at +44 [0]161 278 2386, or contact us via our contact form, or email your enquiry to sales@specialmetalalloys.co.uk

Specialist Steel Suppliers

What is a specialist steel supplier?

A specialist steel supplier like Special Metal Alloys is a one-stop service provider that supports you at every stage of your project.

We provide you with expert technical advice on steels and products with the highest heat and corrosion resistance for your project and help you devise your order.

We source exactly the right products most cost-effectively and efficiently from specialist mills anywhere in the world and arrange with our trusted logistics partners to ship your order, handle all export/import documentation on your behalf, and deliver your stock onsite exactly when you need it.

To customise your products, we also offer additional part processing capabilities and services, including laser tube cutting.

Can a specialist steel supplier meet all my specific requirements?

It is important to check whether the specialist supplier focuses on products in your particular field too.

If not, do they have the experience and capacity to source products to their stock to meet your unique requirements? Do they offer additional processing services to customise your products?


A reputable specialist steel supplier like Special Metal Alloys builds synergistic partnerships with all role players in the steel industry, from which their clients can benefit by gaining direct access to the knowledge and expertise of these partners as well.

Because of our extensive experience and wide network of partners, Special Metal Alloys ticks all these boxes.

Core business and products

Our core business is to supply the entire range of special steels, nickel alloys, super alloys, carbon and stainless steel tubes, plates, and other products manufactured from these metals.

Our special steel products include seamless and welded stainless tubes, ultra-high purity (UHP) stainless tubes and sheets, oval stainless tubes, bars, strips, precision strips, sheet and plate forged products, and titanium banding systems.

The mills and manufacturers we have partnered with, produce anything from capillary tubing of half a millimetre to huge tubes suitable for oil and gas pipelines.

Specialist Steel Strip Suppliers

Special Metal Alloys is an expert supplier of stainless steel sheets. These include stainless steel strip temper & precision strips, and narrow strips with slits to width. Alternatively, pancake coils strip is offered in traverse wound coils to reduce the downtime and consequent costs of machine operation.

During continuous feeding press operation, the reversed coil is more susceptible. Steel strips are temperable by varying the thickness and tension when flatness has to be considered. Strips may also be rerolled with strict accuracy tolerances in the dimension, thickness, tempers, surface finishes and edges.

However, should you require other steel products in a complex project, we have all the expertise, experience, contacts, and means to provide all your needs.

Can a specialist steel supplier meet all my compliance requirements?

Particularly in high-risk projects such as in the nuclear, oil and gas, medical, defence, and high-performance instrumentation and industrial processing industries, your specialist steel supplier should supply products that meet the most stringent standards; ISO; QMS; technical; and chemical requirements of the mining and engineering industries; all other certifications; and all criteria for precision and molecular and structural integrity.

Because some projects overlap in terms of application and purpose, your specialist steel supplier should be able to provide different grades, types, and sizes for an entire spectrum of applications.

Can a specialist steel supplier find the best material for the job?

Each type of steel and steel alloy has different chemical and physical properties and technical specifications. It is of the utmost importance to ensure the correct material is supplied for your project.

Special Metal Alloys not only has experience in steel supply, we have extensive knowledge and experience in metallurgy, manufacturing, and engineering as well.

We understand the extraordinary demands and exacting standards of each industry and can offer technical advice and ensure you purchase exactly the right products.

Can specialist steel suppliers meet fast turnaround times?

The success and profitability of any contractor’s project are highly dependent on reliable turnaround times.

From processing orders to lead and lag times at the factory, shipping, port and customs delays, to final delivery on site severely impact construction deadlines.

A reliable specialist steel supplier will know how to accurately calculate turnaround times and predict most hiccups in the process and factor them in.

Of course, nobody has total control, and unforeseen circumstances and disasters will upset even the best-laid plans, but at least normal delays can be forecast by an experienced and reputable specialist steel supplier.

The other side of the coin is equally important. Hiccups may occur at the contractor’s end that delay the project and severely impact your special steel orders.

Your specialist steel supplier should be flexible enough to accommodate difficulties and work with you and the contractor to reschedule deliveries and minimise extra costs and supply chain disruption.

Special Metal Alloys has more than 35 years of experience in reliably supplying special steels and alloys, and with our vast network of global market leaders, we have a proven track record of reliable supply, punctuality, quality, and outstanding customer service, you can rely on.

What are specialist steels?

Certain industries, in particular the nuclear; gas, oil and petroleum; medical; construction; shipbuilding; offshore pipelines; desalination, defence; aerospace; and high-performance instrumentation industries often function in extreme circumstances.

They require special metal alloys with exceptional resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures, biocompatibility, processing capabilities, and the ability to withstand punishing physical conditions.

The major types of alloys include iron-nickel-chromium alloys, stainless steels, copper-nickel alloys, nickel-copper alloys, nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloys, special steels, low expansion alloys and magnetic alloys.

Stainless steel, various nickel alloys, low alloys, and super alloys make up a large percentage of special metals.

Nickel alloys are made of a carefully balanced mixture of nickel and various other metals in different ratios and combinations to obtain the unique qualities demanded by specific applications.

The most common metals alloyed with nickel include iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), aluminium (Al), molybdenum (Mo), copper (Cu), cobalt (Co), and titanium (Ti).

Superalloys are a special class of very high-strength and performance alloys created for exceptional mechanical and temperature strength, deformation resistance, surface stability, and corrosion and oxidation resistance. Superalloys usually contain elements such as titanium, cobalt, aluminium, and chrome and can operate at a high fraction of their melting point.Please contact one of our metal specialists at +44 [0]161 278 2386, or contact us via our contact form, or email your enquiry to sales@specialmetalalloys.co.uk

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