Stainless Steel Precision Tube

What are stainless steel precision tubes?

Stainless steel precision tubes are created in a cold-drawn process with exceptional dimensional accuracy and very tight tolerances of both the outer and inner diameters, concentricity, wall thickness, surface texture, and shape. They are used for a vast range of specialist applications in automotive, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical, defence, nuclear, medical, instrumentation, building and construction, model building, food and beverage, heating and cooling, and a myriad of other industries.

The highest quality stainless steel tubes have very distinct mechanical, chemical, and metallurgical properties to operate in exacting conditions, usually able to withstand harsh chemical and oxidised corrosion, excessive pressures and compression, extreme temperatures, extraordinary hygiene, mechanical traction and abrasion, constricted spaces, and atmospheric conditions. Of crucial importance when transporting liquids, oil or gases, is that the stainless steel tube does not change their chemical composition.

Stainless steel precision tubes, laser cut with absolute accuracy and without burrs, enable designers to obtain consistency and uniformity, and fabricators to exercise exact control over close bending, tube diameter, alignment, and welding.

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Types of stainless steel precision tube

Specialist alloys

Depending on the specific application, stainless steel is alloyed with a variety of metals and minerals, including nickel, titanium, molybdenum, copper, and silicon, to obtain the particular characteristics required.

Shape and size

Precision tubes are manufactured in a vast range of shapes, diameters, sizes, lengths, coils, and thicknesses to suit customers and their particular purpose.

What is a stainless steel precision tube used for?

The list of applications and usage of stainless steel precision tubes is almost endless and ranges from lofty aerospace, nuclear, and surgical purposes to everyday products such as drinking straws, model building, and competitive fishing.

Here are just a few of the industries that require precision tubing made from titanium and a variety of nickel alloys.

Aerospace, nuclear and defence industries.

Employing exceedingly advanced technology, these industries need precision tubing that can withstand the pressure levels and demands of nuclear plants, missiles and spacecraft engines, and extreme atmospheric conditions on Mars.

Precision industrial and engineering instrumentation

The effectiveness and exactness of instrumentation that can make or break the success of high technology projects, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and resistance sensors largely depend on the quality of precision tubing used in their manufacture.

Medical and surgical instruments

Used for both diagnosis and treatment of any type of disease and surgery, stainless steel precision tubes are utilised for medical and surgical instruments such as syringes, stethoscope tubes, cannulas, aspiration instruments, and much more.

Automotive industry

Stainless steel and nickel alloy precision tubes are used extensively in electrical, hydraulic, fuel injection, and engine parts of different shapes and sizes to connect things; transport various oils, liquids, and gases; supply them for instrumentation; and in constructing vehicle frames.

Stainless steel precision tubes for precision microwelders

A key feature of micro welders’ materials, incorporating stainless steel precision tubes, is their capacity to withstand extreme operating temperatures without deterioration.

Other key industries requiring stainless steel precision tubing include:

water treatment and desalination plants; building & construction; industrial machining; heating and cooling; shipbuilding; food and beverages; gas and electrical power plants; pharmaceutical; and rigorous model building.

Stainless Steel Precision Tube

What is the process of manufacturing stainless steel precision tubes?

Strips of carefully balanced nickel alloys are meticulously cold-drawn, annealed, formed, shaped, treated, and laser cut to create finished seamless tubes with the specific metallurgical and chemical qualities, and adapted and laser cut to sizes required by our customers.Get in touch with Special Metal Alloys online to discuss all your stainless steel precision tube and special metal requirements. You can call us on +44 161 278 2386 or email

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