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When it comes to finding reliable steel suppliers in Manchester, you need a company that offers top-quality products and exceptional service. Whether you’re in the construction industry, manufacturing sector, or any other field that requires steel materials, choosing the right supplier is crucial for the success of your projects.

Situated in Worsley, Manchester, for more than 35 years, Special Metal Alloys has been the UK’s leading international trading house, approved agent and distributor of the widest scope of specialist metal alloys and stainless steel tubing anywhere, offering a wide range of high-quality steel products and special metal alloys in a diverse array of shapes, grades, and sizes. We have built a rock-solid reputation as a reliable supplier, both at home in the UK and abroad, which serves us well in our home base in Manchester.

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Our products and service

We provide personalised and reliable service and support with all the details of your technical, commercial, financial, and logistical challenges, from the moment you enquire until your order is delivered.

While we distribute our complete range of steel and special metal products to diverse businesses and customers all over the world, we remain the preferred supplier to scores of large and small companies, engineering customers, builders, and manufacturers right on our doorstep in the greater Manchester area, particularly those operating within the specialist construction and engineering sector; petrochemical, oil, and gas industry; high-performance instrumentation sphere; medical and health domain; nuclear energy plants and researchers; companies focused on defence equipment and services; and steel traders.

Our stainless steel tubes are also widely used for HVAC, refrigeration, engine cooling, oil production, and power generation.

Can’t find your steel locally? Special Metal Alloys is a company without boundaries or limitations. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs in each of these industries, enables us to help you find the paramount steel solution for any project, with a complete range of products and bespoke services, from anywhere in the world, with amazing turn-around times.

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Precision laser cutting

Because we know that every project requires tailor-made components and tubing sections, as part of our value-added processing services, we offer a professional precision laser-cutting service with fast processing times, to shape, size, drill, slot, and bevel each metal section to suit your exact specifications.

With the exact and tight tolerances achieved with our precision laser-cutting, intricate and challenging shapes can be created at competitive prices. The laser beam follows the contour of the part it is cutting, melting and vaporising a narrow kerf, wasting no material and leaving a perfect edge or border.

To deliver your alloy metal or stainless steel order in greater Manchester or elsewhere in the Northwest, Special Metal Alloys has fostered unequalled synergistic relationships and contacts around the globe, has partnered with the world’s finest specialist alloy and stainless steel mills for the highest quality products, and has coupled with the most trusted and proven logistics providers, who will handle every detail of shipping your order from anywhere in the world with full transparency and tracking, as well as dealing with all your import documentation.

Synergistic partnerships to benefit you 

In dealing with Special Metal Alloys you get much more than you bargained for. Not only do you benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, but through us, you also have direct access to the know-how and capabilities of our world-renowned business partners.

Our products have been created for the harshest environments

The full range of products we supply has been created to function at their peak in the most aggressive and high-risk industrial, commercial, and specialist environments. They can withstand extreme temperatures and chemical, electrochemical, environmental, atmospheric, oxidising, aqueous, microbial, intergranular,  marine, stress, and galvanic -corrosion.

Why should you consider nickel alloys?

Different nickel alloys for specialist purposes are created from a carefully balanced ratio of nickel, chromium, cobalt, aluminium, titanium, molybdenum, and a host of other metals and elements for their exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, and corrosion, and their strength-to-weight ratios.

The major types of alloys are:


Stainless steels

Iron-nickel-chromium alloys

Copper-nickel alloys,

Nickel-copper alloys,

Nickel-chromium, and

Nickel-chromium-iron alloys

For various applications, alloys are also grouped into low expansion alloys, magnetic, and non-magnetic alloys.


A special category of high-performance metal alloys is known as superalloys. In addition to the exceptional qualities of the various types of nickel alloys, they also retain their stiffness, strength, toughness, and dimensional stability at much higher temperatures than other metals.

Superalloys are especially popular in the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and missiles; desalination plants; offshore pipelaying; shipbuilding; and submarines.

Superalloys containing titanium are also used in surgical applications such as joint or hip replacements, prostheses, or as fasteners and support.

Seamless stainless steel tubes

Used for control lines, chemical injection, sub-sea safety valves, steam & heat trace bundles, flow measurement and sensing, and fluid and gas transfer, Special Metal Alloys offers stainless steel tubing and nickel alloy in a wide variety of shapes in fixed-length straight sections, coils, or extreme lengths. We also specialise in capillary stainless steel tubing.

Welded stainless steel tube

Welded stainless steel tubes can also be supplied in coiled or fixed straight lengths or cut to size.

They are widely used in the food and beverage, automotive, medical, measurement and instrumentation, alternative energy, design and construction, irrigation, and petrochemical industries.

Re-drawn and precision nickel-alloy and stainless steel tubes

These tubes are available in coil form and straight lengths in a variety of sizes. They are created to achieve homogenisation of the weld to refine its structure.

Non-standard sizes, thin-walled, or tight tolerance stainless and nickel tubes can be made to order with short lead times.

Stainless steel ornamental tubes

Special Metal Alloys has supplied ornamental stainless steel tubes in oval, elliptical, or flat oval tubes for some of the most prestigious architectural, marine and construction projects in different parts of the world.

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