Nickel Alloy Supplier

Special Metal Alloys UK Ltd is a reputable supplier of high-quality metal alloys, including nickel alloys, to any specification. We can ship to anywhere in the world on short delivery times thanks to our reliable logistic partners.

The Special Metal Alloys team has over 100 years of combined experience in engineering and metal manufacturing. Our technical expertise extends to mechanical engineering, welding engineering, aerospace, defence, piping process design, mill technology and metallurgy.

We not only offer our own knowledge and experience, but also bring you that of our partners. We hold several mill agencies and agreements with market leaders in the manufacture and supply of nickel alloys, providing products that are suitable for the most high risk areas of industrial processing.

You are able to access technical advice on grades, specifications, norms and standards, direct from the manufacturer.

Special Metal Alloys can accommodate any project, large or small. We regularly supply EPC contractors worldwide and can guarantee quality, integrity and continuity of supply.

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nickel alloy supplier


Nickel Alloy Supplier

Special Metal Alloys can supply a wide variety of nickel alloy forms.

Nickel alloys are vital across various industries for their outstanding corrosion and heat resistant properties.

To give nickel based alloys these properties, nickel must be carefully balanced with elements such as chromium, cobalt, aluminium, titanium and molybdenum. This makes them what is often referred to as a Super Alloy, or Special Metal.

The main types of nickel alloy we offer are:

  • Iron-Nickel-Chromium Alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper-Nickel / Nickel-Copper Alloys
  • Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Chromium-Iron Alloys
  • Low Expansion Alloys
  • Magnetic Alloys

You can order nickel alloy products from our central stock, or on a forward order basis, with short production and delivery times, to any part of the world.

Our ISO 9001 certification extends across our entire operation, meaning that our nickel alloy products are quality certified to international standards.

Please note that minimum order quantities may apply on mill production.


Seamless Nickel Tubing

Special Metal Alloys can supply seamless tubes in an assortment of lengths in European grades of nickel alloy.

Tubes are sized from 1.59mm OD through to 25.4mm OD in a range of standard and non-standard wall thicknesses.

We are also able to develop new products upon request, with options for steam or electrical trace heating, and the offer of additional fittings, valves and accessories.


Nickel Alloy Strip

Our narrow and slit-to-width nickel alloy strip is available to order at competitive prices, in quantities both large and small.

Any grade of nickel alloy you require can be made into coil; cut to length and available in a range of thicknesses, widths and finishes.

Special Metal Alloys offers slitting and shearing services, using advanced precision machinery to produce slit widths from 3mm to 2000mm wide.

Our re-coiling service allows split to be recoiled into a variety of formats, including gauges, traverse wound spools and pancake coils.

Special Metal Alloys also supplies nickel alloy precision strip.


Nickel Alloy Sheet and Plate

From our UK stock or on forward order, we are able to supply you with nickel alloy sheet and plate in the following grades: alloy 400, alloy 600, alloy 625, alloy 800H/HT, and alloy 825.

This material can be laser cut, plasma cut, water jet cut, or cut with high definition plasma.

In several alloys we can accommodate a thickness of up to 1000mm, otherwise our standard sizes are as follows:

  • From 1mm to 250mm thick
  • From 600mm to 3000mm wide
  • From 1000mm to 15000mm long


Non-Standard Nickel Alloy Fabrications

Special Metal Alloys can accommodate orders for bespoke nickel alloy products on very short lead times.

Many projects require items that cannot be supplied by mainstream manufacturers. We are able to produce these one-off products to your exact specifications.

Examples of non-standard fabrications include:

  • Square and rectangular hollow sections
  • Non-standard wall thickness or diameter for tubing
  • Eccentric and concentric reducers
  • Elbows/segment bends
  • Tees
  • Screw conveyors, mixers and flame stacks
  • Folded angles and channels

Pickling and passivation are our standard mill finishes post-production. Extra finishes and treatments can be applied upon request, such as grinding of internal and external welds; bevelled ends; shot peening; machine tool processing; heat treatments; and polishing.


Additional Special Metal Alloy Services

  • Cutting Services Here at Special Metal Alloys, we can cut your nickel alloy materials down to the size you require with our precision laser cutting services. These services include drilling, slotting or bevelling ends for weld preps, and any other processing that you may desire before shipment
  • Stainless Steel Supplier – Special Metal Alloys is a top provider of stainless steel nickel alloy, sourced from reputable manufacturing partners through a world class supply chain
  • Stainless Steel TubingSupported by our specialist manufacturing partners in Europe and the USA, we can supply top quality capillary tubing in a diverse range of sizes, grades and formats
  • Stainless Steel Oval Tubes – Special Metal Alloys offers the world’s largest range of seamless and welded oval, elliptical, or ornamental stainless steel tubes


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We are located at:

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Please call 0161 278 2386 or email to enquire about our nickel alloy products.

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